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Customise your Gift Voucher:

You can customise your Gift Voucher and have it delivered directly to you (and your loved one if you choose) through our completely automated system. Select from a range of background images to suite the occasion (more images coming soon) and include your very own special message to your loved one printed onto the Gift Voucher and included in your email to them (if you choose).

Order at anytime at your convenience for an instant beautiful gift for your loved one.

Steps to order your Gift Voucher(s):

Step 1 – Complete the Gift Voucher details

  • Recipient Name – This is the name that you want to appear on the Gift Voucher
  • Recipient Email – You can optionally choose to have the Gift Voucher delivered directly to your loved one including your customised message. Otherwise enter your email address into this field and we will email the voucher to you so you can forward it to your recipient or print it out to give to them.
  • Message to Recipient – You can put a custom message to your loved one directly onto the Gift Voucher
  • Choose your Image – Select what image you would like as the background to your Gift Voucher
  • Add to Cart – Click the “Add to Cart” button to lock in the order

Step 2 – Optionally add additional Gift Voucher(s)

  • Continue Shopping – Optionally add additional Gift Voucher(s) to your Shopping Cart

Step 3 – Payments

  • Confirm the Order(s) – Make sure that the Gift Voucher(s) says exactly what you intend them to say and are being delivered to the correct email address.
  • Proceed to Checkout – Click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button
  • Create an Account – Fill in your billing details. We need this in case something goes wrong with the transaction so that we can contact you. If you have purchased with us before then you can Log In using your email address and password created last time you purchased from us.
  • Pay for the Order – We use PayPal as our payment provider, however don’t worry if you don’t have a PayPal account as you can also use your Credit Card. Click on the “Proceed to PayPal” button and on the next page that pops up you can select the “Pay with Credit or Debit Card” if you wish to use one of these payment methods.

Step 4 – Collect your Gift Voucher(s)

  • Order Confirmation – Your order confirmation and receipt will automatically be emailed to you with the Gift Voucher(s) attached to the email specified at the checkout
  • Recipient Email – If you optionally chose to enter a Recipient email address then we will send your Gift Certificate directly to your loved one as well along with your customised message. Don’t worry they won’t see how much you paid for it.
  • Download your Voucher – You can always go to the “My Account” section under “Shop” and download your Gift Voucher if you have misplaced it

Help & Assistance

If you need any help or assistance, then please email us at relax@nigglesandknotsmassage.com.au with the problem that you are having and one of our friendly team members will call you back as soon as possible.