Cecilia Flux Massage Therapist (Remedial Massage) & ka huna Therapist

Cecilia Flux remedial massage therapist ashgrove brisbaneCecilia Flux has nineteen years experience as a soft tissue therapist, beginning her career in ka huna body work in 2000 before qualifying in a Cert IV and then a Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2001 & 2005 respectively. In addition to working directly with clients, Cecilia shares the practice management role with Amy, as well as studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Genetics, and on a personal level manages a suite of chronic health conditions that at times can mean she is less available for treatment than she would ideally like, but has the silver lining of offering her a personal insight into chronic pain, fibromyalgia, lung conditions, gut and digestive conditions and mental health management. These experiences in the past seven years in particular have led Cecilia to focus her continuing practice education on pain science and neuroscience courses to stay up to date with the latest research in client education for chronic pain management in clinical practice.

In clinical practice Cecilia enjoys working with her patients on a wide variety of treatment goals, including pain management, muscular tension relief, optimal sports performance and lifestyle maintenance. Cecilia’s passion is to provide an authentic and holistic remedial massage treatment customised to the client’s specific needs. She is extremely consultative in her approach with clients, and enjoys working in with other modalities required to achieve the client’s goals in the most efficient manner possible.

Cecilia is a great believer of the often under-rated health effects of the relaxation response in the body. Her remedial treatments incorporate the necessary assessment, treatment planning and reassessment, however she takes pride in ensuring they are not so clinical and disjointed as to lose the additional benefit that relaxation can have. In her hands-on work, she gravitates towards a unique combination of flowing deep tissue and ka huna techniques with trigger point work and more specific remedial techniques to deliver a massage that is effective in achieving remedial goals, yet still engages the relaxation response. She loves to work with hot stones and finds the heat is a great tool to reduce discomfort when applying deep tissue massage techniques. She has special interests in treatments of musculoskeletal issues of the neck and head aches, as well as massage support for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia sufferers, mood disorders, anxiety, depression and emotional issues, and patients living with chronic pain.

In addition to her specific remedial and musculoskeletal treatments, Cecilia continues to enjoy providing flowing holistic ka huna massages to those clients who primarily require emotional or energetic balance and support, or simply wish to de-stress and relax as an essential part of their well-being plan*.

* Please note, health fund rebates do not apply to wellbeing treatments. Rebates apply to remedial massage only.

Techniques, Modalities & Therapies:

  • Remedial and postural assessment
  • Remedial Massage
  • Sports massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Myofascial release Work
  • Posititonal release techniques
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Cupping
  • Rockblades & Mohawk IAST
  • Low Level Laser Therapy
  • Hot stone massage therapy
  • ka huna Hawaiian massage

Jen (Ferny Grove)

“We’ve been seeing Cecelia at Niggles & Knots for the last couple of years and would never see anyone else! She is magic. Best remedial massage in Brisbane!”

Sharon (Ashgrove)

“Fantastic remedial massage in a very pleasant location. I highly recommend Cecilia as a therapist for all kinds of massage – but for those of you searching for a a truly ‘deep tissue’ massage experience you won’t find any better.” 

Emma (Noosa)

“Niggles & Knots is a professional and welcoming business. Cecilia is a phenomenal remedial massage therapist and she has magic in her finger tips. She has helped me in my healing process with her vast knowledge and guidance and support. She has always been there for me. Thank you Cece, you have helped me a lot.”

Kristie (Ashgrove)

“Just wanted to thank Cecilia for my massage on Monday. Unfortunately I leave it way too long between massages so wasn’t expecting a miracle but one happened!! For the first time in about a year I had movement in my shoulder and total pain relief which lasted for a couple of days. It was such a noticeable difference and thanks to her strapping my shoulder with tape the feeling lasted longer than after a usual massage. Cecilia totally understands I am quite time poor and instead of making me feel guilty or pushing me into future bookings she showed me some stretches to help me in-between massages whish is also incredibly appreciated. It’s this kind of extra service that means I will definitely be coming back (and promise not to leave it as long next time!) Thanks again Cecilia”

Hours / Availiability:

Monday:    3pm – 8pm
Tuesday and / or Wednes:   8:30am – 2:30pm
Saturday:    8:30am – 4pm

Health Fund Rebates:

Available with Remedial Massage treatments provided by Cecilia, for all funds that accept remedial massage claims.
Healthpoint on-the-spot health fund claims available for all participating funds.

Qualifications & Association Memberships:

Diploma Remedial Massage
ka huna Levels 1 – 5
FNAS level 2
AAMT Member
Student of BSc