At Niggles & Knots we pride ourselves in providing a beautiful welcoming treatment space for an exclusive, experienced team of therapists to treat you within.  Therapists working in our space each offer their own unique style of treatment incorporating a combination of remedial techniques and post graduate training in specific styles. Each therapist runs their own business with most being referral based – if you can’t find a time that suits you to see them at Niggles & Knots please contact them directly (or contact the clinic and ask us to pass a message on to them to call you back) to discuss other treatment options and locations as some therapists choose to provide treatments elsewhere as well. Here’s a summary of each therapist’s skills – please click through to read more about each therapist:

Ann ApolloniAnn Apalloni Massage Therapist

Ann was a research scientist in her former life, however after training in a range of massage skills and practicing part time for over six years, she chose to move to become a full time massage therapist, and we were lucky enough to have her join the Niggles & Knots team in 2014. Ann’s unique style of massage comes from a combination of her remedial massage training and her true passion for Visionary Craniosacral Work ®. She can capably treat a full range of musculoskeletal concerns including neck pain, back pain and head aches. Read more about Ann here.

Hours Available

Monday       2:30 – 8:30pm

Tuesday      2:30 – 8:30pm

Wednesday 8am – 2pm

Also Available:  Some Sundays and Thursdays – please check our online booking system for real-time availability

Qualifications & Membership ATMS, Diploma Remedial Massage, Craniosacral Levels 1-7 at the Milne Institute
Health Fund Provider Status Health Fund rebates available for Remedial Massage with all applicable health funds.

Bri Anderson

Bri completed her degree in Myotherapy at the Endeavour college of Natural Medicine in early 2019, and we are excited to have her join our team as of October 2019. While Bri is a new graduate, she has spent three years of intensive training at Endeavour and has a fantastic foundation in a huge range of remedial massage and myotherapy techniques, including: relaxation, deep tissue, sports techniques; myofascial release; joint mobilisations; muscle energy techniques; cupping; dry needling; postural assessment; musculoskeletal injury assessment and treatment. Bri is passionate about helping clients recover from injury, alleviate pain and educates her clients on how to minimise future injury / pain. As she’s new to Niggles & Knots, her schedule is currently quite available, but we anticipate that won’t stay that way long, so book in and try her treatment asap before she books out!  Read more about Bri here.

Hours Available

Thursday  8am – 2pm

Friday      2:30 – 8:30pm

Saturday   2:30 – 7:30pm

Sunday      2:30 – 8:30pm

Also Available:  some Sunday mornings and public holidays, please check online booking system for details

Qualifications & Membership Myotherapy Australia member, Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy)
Health Fund Provider Status Health Fund rebates available for Remedial Massage with all applicable health funds.

Cale ThomasCale Thomas massage and Musculoskeletal therapist at Niggles & Knots Remedial Massage

Cale is an experienced, caring and engaged musculoskeletal therapist who enjoys treating a wide range of conditions including postural problems, general muscle tension and stress-related musculoskeletal disorders. Cale has been treating for 10+ years and is passionate about working with his clients to relieve pain and prevent its reoccurence through lifestyle and exercise education. He’s been working with us since 2016, and he is a great choice of therapist if you have a complicated injury, pathology or pain pattern and need lots of TLC as well as great advanced clinical skills.  Read more about Cale here.

Hours Available

Monday          9:15am – 2pm

Wednesday    2:30 – 8:30pm

Thursday       2:45 – 8:45pm

Friday            9:30am – 3:30pm

Not Available:    All public holidays

Qualifications & Memberships ANTA member, Bachelor of Musculoskeletal Therapy (2010)
Health Fund Provider Status Health Fund rebates available for Remedial Massage / Myotherapy with all applicable health funds.

Cecilia Flux

Cecilia Flux remedial massage therapist ashgrove brisbaneCecilia is the founder and current Practice Manager of Niggles & Knots Remedial Massage. With nineteen years experience, Cecilia offers a versatile range of massage techniques and has experience treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions for all areas of the body. Her specialities are neck pain / headaches, and supporting clients with anxiety, depression, fatigue syndromes or chronic pain and / or pathologies. She applies a wide range of techniques in her clinical remedial massage, and she is also our ka huna practitioner and loves to give ka huna massage. She currently balances her practice management and treatment commitments with study in molecular biology and genetics at UQ. Read more about Cecilia here.

Hours Available

Tuesday:    8am –  2pm

Friday:      3:30pm – 8:30pm

Sunday:     8am – 2pm

Extra hours:  Check directly with Cecilia on 0423 779 960, she may be able to accomodate extra treatments for return clients throughout the week.

Qualifications & Membership AAMT, Diploma Remedial Massage, Ka huna Levels 1-5, Mental Health Fird Aid, Explain Pain 1-3, Currently studying BSc (Molecular Biology, Biochemistry  & Genetics)
Health Fund Provider Status Health fund rebates for Remedial Massage available with all applicable health funds

Jess Clarkson

Jess is a highly experienced, compassionate and caring myotherapist, and we’ve been lucky enough to have her on the team since early 2018. She can offer a wide range of soft tissue and myotherapy techniques, and loves to combine them to formulate a treatment plan that meets her clients needs. Jess started her career in the physical therapy space as a remedial massage therapist over twelve years ago, and previously worked with Cecilia at Ambience Body Therapies before moving on to build and run her own business for several years, Jessica Jade’s Massage in Clayfield. Jess is returning to study in 2020 to qualify in occupational therapy, so we are lucky enough to have her choose to be part of our team while she balancing treating with studying.  Read more about Jess here.

Hours Available Wednesday 2:30pm – 8:30pm
Saturdays  8am – 3pm (every 2nd Saturday)
(Note Jess also offers treatments at her Albion clinic on Thursdays and Fridays – see {link})
Qualifications Advanced Diploma Myotherapy, Diploma of Remedial Massage, AAMT member
Health Fund Rebates Health Fund rebates for Remedial massage / Myotherapy available with all applicable health funds

Merryn Harpley

merryn harpley v2

Merryn finished the Bachelor of Musculoskeletal Therapy in 2007 and went on to post-graduate training in a wide variety of musculoskeletal and remedial massage work, including Finch therapy (low load exercise therapy), neural therapy and electroneedling. She utilises a range of advanced clinical skills including myofascial dry needling, cupping and taping to expertly treat your musculoskeletal complaints. Her treatments will generally involve active engagement from the client as she assesses, treats and reassesses the problem area, and she will often give specific therapeutic exercise “homework” to assist you with your recovery. Merryn is a very versatile therapist and can treat all major body areas with success, including elbows, wrists, knees and ankles as well as pelvic, lower back and neck pain. She’s a great choice of therapist for complex injuries, acute pain, joint and nerve impingement and complex cases in general. We’ve been honored to work with Merryn since mid-2014 – Read more about Merryn here.

Hours Available

Monday 2:45 – 8:45pm

Tuesday 2:45 – 8:45pm

Wednesday 8:15am – 2:15pm

Thursday 8:15am – 2:15pm

Saturday 8am – 5pm (once a fortnight)

Qualifications Bachelor of Musculoskeletal Therapy, Diploma of Remedial Massage, AAMT member
Health Fund Rebates Health Fund rebates for Remedial massage / Myotherapy available with all applicable health funds

 Shae KarringtenShae Karringten portrait - Remedial Massage Therapist

Shae is an experienced remedial massage therapist who has trained both in Australia and in the UK.   She uses a variety of techniques in her treatments, including cupping and dry needling, and in 2014 received her qualification in kinesiology. Shae joined our team not long after in late 2014 and we’ve loved having her work with us ever since. Her massage style is quite unique as her training path has been so different to therapists purely trained in Australia, and is influenced by her kinesiology work as well as her primary drive to get to the cause of your pain and solve it.  Shae’s treatments will usually include a lot of very specific firm point-work along with active movement from the client to assist with release of the problem muscles and tissues. Her prior career in an office has given her great insight to the musculoskeletal issues associated with it however she also enjoys treating athletes and dancers. Her specialties are the pelvis, lower back and glutes. Read more about Shae here.

Hours Available

Monday        8am – 2:15pm

Thursday      2:30 – 8:30pm

Friday           8am – 2:15pm

Saturday       8am – 7pm

Sunday          8am – 7pm

Also Available:      Longer hours and additional shifts through the public holiday periods, please check our online booking system for real-time availability

Qualifications & Membership AAMT, Diploma Remedial Massage, Diploma Kinesiology
Health Fund Provider Status Health Fund rebates for Remedial massage available with all applicable health funds

We are a small local business and rely on local support. Conversely, we love to support our local neighbours – here’s a list of businesses we recommend from personal experience. We really appreciate the support we’ve had from the local community since we opened in 2013, so we enjoy giving back as regularly as we can – we get involved in  community events as often as we can.

If you are interested in how the clinic space came about and our founders’ vision, read here. If you would like to know more about working in our space, follow this link.

Kylie MetcalfeKylie headshot

Kylie is a gentle soul and offers an amazing holistic massage. However don’t let her quiet nature fool you, she can also apply excellent clinical reasoning and assessment skills to treat specific muscular injuries, pain and complaints. After completing her Diploma, Kylie has done post-graduate training in cupping, Joya Crystal massage and Zen Thai Shiatsu. She also loves to incorporate hot stones into your massage if you desire, and can provide a beautiful relieving pregnancy massage. Kylie was one of our original therapists, starting with us when we opened back in early 2013.

Hours Available As at 8th Nov 2019, as Kylie and her family are moving to Mount Tambourine. She is hoping to return to treatments at Niggles & Knots once a week during school hours, but will confirm whether this is practically possible once she’s moved and settled into their new home. Please keep an eye on our website and facebook page for details of any future hours Kylie will be offering, and / or where else she is providing treatments (closer to her new home).
Qualifications & Membership AAMT, Diploma Remedial Massage
Health Fund Provider Status Health fund rebates for Remedial Massage available with all applicable health funds.


Lucy Bankslucy banks

Lucy has been practicing full time as a remedial massage therapist and reflexologist for several years, and previously worked with Cecilia for several years at her previous clinic (so Cecilia was very excited to welcome this wonderful therapist to our team in 2015!). Her passion for helping her clients achieve health through integrated natural and conventional therapies led her to naturopathic studies, and then in 2015 to take on a nursing degree. Lucy completed her degree mid 2017, and secured a graduate position at the Mater. She rejoined the team for a period to treat on her days off nursing, however mid-2019 we were sad to say good bye to Lucy again as she has decided to spend her down-time with partner and puppy dogs. Lucy occasionally treats returning clients (those that have already seen her regularly at Niggles or elsewhere) at her home, please contact our practice manager Cecilia on 0423 779 960 and she will happily pass on your contact details to Lucy so Lucy can get in touch and confirm if / when she is available to treat you.

Jackie Davy

Jackie is a long-time client and now one of our locum therapists at Niggles & Knots. As a therapist, Jackie enjoys partnering with her clients for individualised treatments. She listen’s to her clients to get the whole picture and treats accordingly, working with the client’s own goals. Her clients say she has a calm vibe and they leave feeling like they’ve been listened to.  Jackie’s remedial treatments usually incorporate myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy (for example trigger pointing), muscle energy techniques and stretches within a swedish massage framework.

Hours Available Currently treating semi-regularly at No More Knots in Newmarket around full time corporate work, if you are seeking Jackie’s treatments please contact her there.
Qualifications & Memberships ANTA member, Diploma Remedial Massage
Health Fund Provider Status Health Fund rebates available for Remedial Massage with all applicable health funds.

Jake GriffinJake Griffin Myotherapist and Remedial Massage Therapist

Jake is an experienced Myotherapist, remedial massage therapist and personal trainer. We were sad to see him leave our team at the start of 2018 as he took a break from the massage industry. We are very excited to confirm however that Jake has returned to treatment! For clients seeking his treatments, you can find him at Northside Massage and Natural Therapies.

Hours Available N/A
Qualifications & Memberships Diploma Remedial Massage, Advanced Diploma Myotherapy, Cert IV Personal Training
Health Fund Provider Status Please enquire at Northside Massage and Natural Therapies


Andrea PhillipsAndrea-photo-230x220

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Andrea, who has been part of our team for the past five years and one of our founding massage therapists. Andrea is moving with her family to the Sunshine Coast. If you would like to continue to see her for massage there, you can find her at Feel Good Holistic Health.

Hours Available Check with her current clinic in Coolum – Feel Good Holistic Health
Qualifications & Memberships AAMT, Diploma Remedial Massage, Ka Huna Levels 1-5, Reiki
Health Fund Provider Status N/A