Please Note, Kinesiology treatments must be booked with a minimum of 24 hours notice. This is required so that Shae has notice in order to bring her kinesiology tools in to clinic.
Bookings Inside of 24 hours may not be able to be honoured – your therapist Shae may offer a remedial massage in its place.

Kinesiology – A Brief History

Kinesiology was originally developed by a chiropractor from New York, USA, Dr.George Goodheart DC, and his associates. Dr. Goodheart was the first to make the link between the muscles, organs and the Chinese meridian systems and use muscle testing to determine if his chiropractic adjustments worked. His work was further developed by Dr. John Thie DC (Touch For Health) and since then other practitioners and researchers from around the world have further contributed to the development of this holistic modality.

What Is It?

Kinesiology today brings together the knowledge of a multitude of modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Naturopathy and Counselling. Kinesiology is a holistic modality of balancing of the body’s energies to assist the body in healing itself and while being firmly grounded in anatomy and physiology, it also takes into account the emotional and biochemical (nutrition/environmental) aspects of the client’s life.

How Does It Work?

A non-invasive therapy, muscle testing is used in order to help identify and correct imbalances found in the body. Muscles are placed in specific positions when being tested and gentle pressure is used. If there is a stress, the muscle will give a particular neurological response, ie. the muscle will seem to lose strength A variety of corrections may be used in order to correct and/or desensitise the stimulus and revise the messages sent to the brain. Imbalances can occur for a multitude of reasons such as physical injury and stress, but kinesiology can also help with things such as :

  • Muscle Strength / Performance / Injury Recovery / Pain Management
  • Motor Skills / Co-ordination / Brain integration / Neurology
  • Emotional Health / Goal Setting & Enhancement
  • Food Sensitivities / Allergies / Nutrition

What To Expect During A Treatment

A minimum of an hour is required for a consultation. A full history will be taken and a variety of muscles may be tested during the balance so it is advisable to wear loose/comfortable clothing, particularly pants, to allow for flexibility and to maintain modesty.

Health fund Rebates Apply for Kinesiology with Shae with the following Funds (as long as your policy includes extras coverage for kinesiology):

Medibank Private, BUPA, HBF, Australian Unity, Grand United Health.