Massage Services on Offer

Neck MassageAt Niggles & Knots, we offer a wide range of Remedial massage, Musculoskeletal Therapy and relaxation massage services.

Our therapists are all experienced Remedial Massage Therapists and / or Myotherapists*. Your therapist will listen to you, and will recommend a combination of massage styles and techniques to suit you and to meet your individual goals, within their scope of training.

Here are a few of the massage techniques your therapist may recommend for you:


Technique Trained Therapists
Remedial Massage All therapists
Myotherapy Merryn, Cale, Brianna (Bachelor – also known as Musculoskeletal Therapy)
Jess (Advanced Diploma)
Deep Tissue Massage* Ann, Brianna, Cale, Cecilia, Jess
Pregnancy Massage
(prenatal massage, perinatal massage & post-natal massage) *
Ann, Cecilia, Jess, Merryn, Shae
Sports Massage Brianna, Cale, Cecilia, Jess, Merryn, Shae
Swedish Relaxation Massage * Ann, Brianna, Cecilia, Jess, Merryn
Trigger Point Therapy All therapists
Myofascial Release Work (MFR) All Therapists
Cupping Therapy Brianna, Cale, Cecilia, Jess, Merryn, Shae
 Myofascial Dry Needling Brianna, Jess, Merryn, Shae
Strapping & Taping Brianna, Cale, Merryn
Therapeutic Exercise
(including METs, PNF stretching, passive stretching and Low Load Exercise Therapy)
Brianna, Cale, Cecilia, Jess, Merryn
Hot Stone Massage * Cecilia, Jess
Visionary Craniosacral Work * Ann
ka huna Massage * Cecilia
Kinesiology * Shae
Neurokinetic Therapy Merryn
Low Level Laser Therapy Cecilia, Merryn



* Whilst all treatments are offered by Remedial Massage Therapists, Health Fund rebates only apply to massage services which fall under the scope of Remedial Massage. Some techniques, such as hot stone therapy, deep tissue, sports and pregnancy massage may be used within a remedial massage framework and in these cases a rebate may apply. Other techniques such as Craniosacral Work, Reiki, Kinesiology and Reflexology fall outside the scope of Remedial Massage and thus health fund rebates are not available for these treatments. 
For more information, please read more on the specific technique’s page. If in doubt, please contact the clinic to discuss with your therapist and / or the Practice Manager.