Immune Boosting Tips & Teas for Ekka season

This month Leanne Johnston of Sustainably Nourishing joins us as guest contributor. Leanne is a nutritionalist who offers a holistic approach to nourishingLeanne Johnston profile wellness within. She offers amazing retreat catering, food workshops, cooking classes, and one-on-one consults. We highly recommend her services!

This month Leanne shares some great tips to boost your immune system through the Ekka season:
1. For  sore throat, mix one spoon of manuka honey with a couple of drop of tea tree pure essential oil, and gargle (do not swallow)
2. Inhalations are great for stuffy sinuses: good old boiling water in a basin with a drop of eucalyptus. Place a towel over your head over the bowl & inhale the steam (remember to keep your eyes closed!)
3. Place two drops of peppermint essential oil on the floor of the shower before you turn the taps on for a refreshing uplifting shower that will clear the sinuses

4. Leanne’s Nourishing Tea

Fresh ginger slices
Fresh tumeric slices
Very small pinch cayenne
Juice of half a lemon
Teaspoon of Manuka honey (optional)Steep the rosehip, ginger & tumeric in boiling water until water has cooled enough to drink. Mix in cayenne, lemon & manuka honey if desired. Drink frequently to boost the immune system & warm the soul!
nourishing tea

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