Our Hygiene Policy

We are doing everything we can to ensure our clinic is a safe environment for both our clients and our therapists. Please review out hygiene policy to see how.

Our team members all adhere to strict hygiene practices, as per our hygiene policy which includes:

  • Meticulous washing of hands between appointments, after using bathroom facilities, cleaning and during treatment as necessary
  • All table linen is changed between appointments and washed with sanitiser as well as liquid soap
  • Regular disinfection of our common areas including doorknobs, surfaces, pens, EFTPOS, and equipment as well as massage tables (face crests and arm rests are cleaned between every client)
  • We stagger our appointment start times so that therapists work independently and direct contact between clients is minimal
  • If your therapist or anyone they are in direct contact with regularly (i.e. living with) is ill or is self-isolating for any other required reason, your therapist will contact you to reschedule your appointment.
  • regular review of the hygiene policy

We kindly ask that everyone attending our clinic assist us with maintaining our healthy environment by following the hygiene policy and:

  • Washing your hands regularly as per the WHO hand-washing guidelines
  • Use the hand sanitizer available in our reception when you first arrive and before touching anything in reception, including pens, EFTPOS machine and surfaces
  • Fill in any screening or intake forms online rather than in clinic. We will email you a link to required forms, and they will be emailed back to us once complete.
  • Pay via card only – whilst we still accept cash, we much prefer you use paypass contactless payment where at all possible

Additional COVID-19 restrictions requirements:

  • Help us maintain social distancing – that means no more than four people in our reception area at once. At most times there will only be yourself, your therapist and perhaps the client before you when you first arrive. However, if you arrive and for some reason there is two therapists and two clients in our reception, please let your therapist know you will wait in our foyer so they can come and get you once they are ready to treat you.
  • If you have attended a COVID contact tracing location or  have returned from overseas travel or are in direct contact with someone who has returned from overseas travel inside the last 14 days, we respectfully request that you contact us to reschedule your appointment until after the mandated self-isolation period is complete or until you are well (whichever is later)
  • If you feel unwell or you are in close contact with someone who is unwell, please contact the clinic to reschedule your appointment for a time when all in your household are well again.
  • Whilst we understand the situation is evolving rapidly, if you can’t attend because of illness, changed work or childcare requirements, please think ahead and cancel your appointment with as much notice as possible – cancellation fees may still apply if appropriate notice isn’t given.