You can book massage online instantly  via our online booking system below (or click here if you can’t view it below).
Please note that online massage bookings are limited to 1 hour, 45 minute or 1/2 hr treatments only. If you wish to book a 1.5 hour massage or longer, please book 2 consecutive appointments (noting we leave 15 min gaps between our 1 hour available slots – so example of consecutive appointments would be 4pm & 5:15pm), and either write a note on your booking indicating what treatment length you want, or contact us to confirm actual booking details.

Once you’ve completed your massage booking you should receive an email confirmation as well as an SMS the day before your appointment. If you do not receive an email confirmation shortly after you’ve made the booking, please call us to confirm your booking has been made (as it may not have finalised properly).

Want to see a specific therapist, and not sure what days they work? Check out our full list of therapist availability here. 
If you are looking for a specific day or time, and don’t mind which therapist you see, please choose “Any practitioner” to view all available appointments on each day. If you cannot find a time that suits you please call us to be placed on our wait-list – we actively try to book our wait-listed clients.

Call us on 3366 5267 to be placed on our wait list.

Therapist Availability


Morning (8am – 2pm): Cale, Shae
Evening (2:30 – 9pm): Merryn, Ann


Morning (8am – 2pm): Lucy
Evening (2:30 – 9pm): Merryn, Ann


Morning (8am – 2pm): Merryn, Ann
Evening (2:30 – 9pm): Cale


Morning (8am – 2pm): Cecilia, Merryn
Evening (2:30 – 9pm): Cale, Shae


Morning (9:30am – 4pm): Cale, Shae
Evening (2:30 – 9pm):  Kylie, Cecilia


Shae, Merryn / Jessica


Cecilia, Shae
Looking for a specific day or time, and not sure which therapists’ schedule to view? Check out our full list of therapist availability here.