We’re expanding and we are looking for more great therapists to join our team – is that you?

We are proud to have offered our clinic facilities and services to multiple therapists who together have provided amazing remedial massage and myotherapy services to the local Ashgrove community for the past seven and a half years.

We’re taking the rare opportunity to expand into the other half of our building, and as such we’re adding a room which means we have space for new therapists to join our team once the new space is ready (approx end Oct 2020). We’re seeking therapists who are happy to work a mix of evenings as well as mornings, as much of our client overflow requests are for afternoon / evening appointments.

We are blessed to have a very stable team of therapists who have been working our space for years, enjoying an average appointment to availability rate of 85% (with some therapists closer to 100%) – so this opportunity to join our exclusive little N&K family doesn’t come around often.

If you are interested, please read the details below, then touch base with Cecilia and Amy to discuss details further. We look forward to speaking to you soon.


Are you the next N&K therapist?

Are you an awesome therapist, working for a clinic but you’ve been thinking about going out on your own for a while? Has the fixed expenses and all the extra marketing and business admin work put you off? Or maybe you are out on your own and finding it lonely or a bit of a struggle – all that extra unpaid work marketing and running your business dragging you down?

Niggles & Knots might have the answer for you.

Niggles & Knots offers a managed clinic space for therapists to build their own business within. You can choose to continue with us long term, or to use our space as a stepping stone between working “for” someone and taking on the full risk of a commercial space all to yourself.

How does a managed clinic space work?
You engage us to provide you a range of facilities and services, including furnished treatment rooms, reception space, laundry facilities, booking systems, client generation via general marketing, website and social media, and more.

You choose a timeframe to have a room reserved for your exclusive use to treat your clients.

You turn up and treat, charge your clients for your services, leave the room and the clinic as you found it. We charge you a fee per client for the services and facilities we provide, and its as easy as that!

Additional benefits of basing your business at Niggles & Knots:

  • Our business is not treating clients, its supporting great therapists like you to treat their clients. The reason we exist is to support you!
  • Our fees for service are very reasonable – in most cases not much more than it would cost you to rent your own commercial space and “go it alone”, But we include website, social media, booking systems and other business tasks that saves you unpaid time in a solo business. So after expenses, you still end up with a net profit that works out better than most subcontractor rates out there, and a better work-life balance than going it alone.
  • Our business is generating client leads for you. We regularly turn back multiple clients in a day because the therapists currently treating in our space are often booked out well in advance! So there’s good potential to build a client list quickly even if you don’t bring your own clients with you.
  • No limitations on how or even where you treat your clients. We don’t dictate your business to you, you have complete choice. The only limitation for treatments in clinic is whether a room is available for you to use. No room available and you have a client who wants to see you? Feel free to offer them treatments at any of your other locations should you choose to treat elsewhere. We simply ask that you offer the client treatments with other therapists in clinic if you are unable to treat the client at all and they need a treatment – but of course we understand your client may well choose to wait to see you.
  • We have a team of great therapists already using our space. They are all friendly and happy to share knowledge & chat shop and to refer clients to team members when they aren’t available to treat. We’re all into collaboration rather than competition!
  • Our team believe in each other so much most have regular treatments at the clinic from each other. And we waive the clinic fees on up to two treatments for you each month so you can too. Swap or pay the treating therapist, your choice.

Please note that we are selective as to who we choose as our customers. Our business offers a managed clinic space to multiple therapists and hence the symbiosis of those businesses depends on the harmony of all therapists working well together. We do not accept every request for our services, we retain the right to be selective. Yes, the little club of therapists who engage our services is very exclusive!

Do you fit the bill?

And do we suit you?

To find out and tor more details, email our practice managers Amy and Cecilia at nandkmassage@gmail.com or call 0423 779 960 to speak to Cecilia.